Protect Your Outdoor Spa Water With Cleaning Chemicals

Bacteria thrives in hot water. Sanitizers will help protect your water.

Oxidizers will remove undesirable compounds and restore the clarity of your water.

Helps balance and maintain the pH of your water and will help with the longevity of your spa.
Soft Soak provides a wonderfully soft, soothing, and gentle spa environment.
Chemical-free, easy, inexpensive, healthy. The only totally toxin-free hot tub solution available.
Improve your water’s appearance and protect your spa’s surfaces.


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Chlorine, bromine, or a natural alternative — no matter what type of sanitizing program you use, call home spun Comforts LLC, we can supply you with the materials and instruction you need to remove the guesswork and minimize the time it takes to maintain your hot tub.

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